Designing Spaces for Tyger Valley

Belonging to the same group as Menlyn Shopping Centre, the design theme was pulled through with some changes to accentuate the ambiance of the centre and create its own identity within the theme while still upholding a feeling of stylish opulence.

The start of the

Plenty of proposals were presented to the client and eventually the client sourced advise from an architect who made some valued suggestions after which we moved forward with a proposal that excited the client.

Design Solutions

To eliminate possible damage to the sides of the powder coated mild steel benches with laser cut detail, stainless steel frames were fixed around the edges of the benches  repeating it with the timber benches to create a variety in the benchesThis enhanced the style and brought in an element of luxury to the look. The style and sizes of the planters and bins were repeated from Menlyn Shopping Centre.

Final Touches

The client opted for a lighter finish in the timber which added a pleasant airiness to the furniture. The stainless steel logo was fitted flush into the planters and stainless steel bins were introduced to complement the stainless steel in the benches.

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