Designing Spaces for Middelburg Mall

This turned out to be an extreme challenge with the custom-designed indoor benches having a solid concrete seat supported by solid iron wood feet. The logistics of this design required meticulous planning. The outdoor benches were reversed with concrete blocks that supported the solid iron wood seating. The Cubin K bin complemented the furniture with its finish of iron wood and flush inlay logo in stainless steel and a stainless steel lid to round it off. A galvanised liner was provided to support the black plastic bag. To complete the various stations, a combination of Cubedec AL and Cubedec B stainless steel planters was used. A surprise element was included in the form of 10mm steel plates that was laser cut into the shape of a cow fixed together in 3D style to form one standing cow and one sitting cow on a bench reading the newspaper! This project was truly exciting and the end product turned out to be extraordinary.

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