Designing Spaces for Menlyn Shopping Centre

This project started with a visit by the client and architect to our offices/showroom. The whole design was based around our standard Cubench P powder coated mild steel bench used to create various seating areas. The use of different colours and clever positioning of the different styles of benches created a truly stunning and eye catching feature.

The start of the

We had to reach an agreement in terms of what the architect wanted and what would work best to create a lasting product with all of the above mentioned points in consideration while using a combination of powder coated mild steel and timber to complement each other in the end product.

The final

With the smart combination of material and use of colour to complete the style and look of the newly renovated mall, meticulous attention was needed to finalise everything from the specifications of the colours of the steel and wood, the inserted stainless steel logos, and the swivel stainless steel bin lids down to the specific feet used to prevent damage to the exquisite floor tiles.

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