Designing Spaces for Eastgate Shopping Centre

The client wanted to replace their existing mall furniture with practical yet long lasting furniture that would still complement the ambiance of the “mother” of shopping centers having celebrated their 40th year of existence in 2018. Their preference was the Cubench D in our standard range of furniture, but they required some changes.

The start of the

The client wanted our Cubench D but required a back-to-back bench in the same style, thus the Cubench DD was created. They also opted for a larger bin than the standard size and planters to match the bin. We also designed a practical food bin for the food court which could accommodate large pizza boxes, and this time, we used our Cu-bin A bin style, repeating the stainless steel lid with two openings on the top. (edited)

The design

To complement the bench we suggested our Cubedec C bin and Cubedec C planter. To give the planters and bins a more stylish finish, we designed stainless steel lids for the bins and planters to match the stainless steel frames of the benches.

The final

A practical and durable colour was chosen for the bins and planters throughout which enhanced the overall look of the furniture.

Products used in this project

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